Tory Gibilisco and Sam Grow share an onstage moment at the Budds Creek Music Festival in Southern Maryland.

Tory Gibilisco and Sam Grow share an onstage moment at the Budds Creek Music Festival in Southern Maryland.


 Godshed Eyes is hard rock at its best, catchy riffs and introspective lyrics drive songs that deal with the intense events that change the course of our lives. Our stage show is our crowning achievement. We promise and deliver a dynamic, cutting edge live performance that has to be seen to be believed. With reviews such as "everything here has moments of brilliance" (Rockpile) and after show quotes "That was Awesome! It was like rage against the machine!" (Steve Raymond, WZXL) we are ready to deliver what we promise. A live show that will convince the hardiest musical critic that Godshed Eyes is a force designed to create fans the world over. Finally after two grueling years in the studio this band delivers its ultimate achievement, a debut CD that captures the essence of the live experience and satisfies the perfectionist tendencies of the band. Behold, Godshed Eyes has arrived!

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Preparing to demo new material

Debut CD "Still Standing" ... See Music page...

Reverbnation reviews of our lead off track "Even"

A quick, heavy intro sets the gritty tone for the rest of the song. The vocalist has a rough voice with an impressive range. The chorus is powerful, with a clever lyrical arrangement. All of the instruments have been placed with care, the sound is very balanced. This is a really great song and a solid performance from the band, it should do very well on the radio and I look forward to hearing it elsewhere.

The introduction was excellent. Immediately powerful and aggressive, exactly how a modern hard rock record should begin. The guitar playing was excellent, and mixed effortlessly with the drums. The vocals were also great. The singer has the ability to be strong and firm while also very melodious. He has excellent tone, and never crossed the line and became overly aggressive, transitioning into another genre. The singer reminded me of someone like Dave Grohl, just a very strong and manly voice which I loved. The bridge was also great, providing a nice contrast with it's stripped down quality. I liked how it picked back up quickly. Overall, just very solid tune.
April 1, 2015.

April 1, 2015.

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